SPILGERY is the STYLE-changer

The Founder from SPILGERY Spilák Gergely is an innovatory businessman, creative and inspiring personality, writer and blogger, who has always loved fashion and his own style, therefore created his own brand, the name of which also refers to his own name. SPILGERY is more than a simple fashion or clothing brand. SPILGERY is a lifestyle. His idea with hes brand is to convey to people a sense of life that is as fun and inspiring as what characterizes him. So SPILGERY wants to be a true style changer. SPILGERY and with this style-changing is the ability to make significant changes. These changes may often be radical, but almost always lead to a shift in a way others think and do things...

A style-changer, therefore, is someone or someone that can spark a great deal of change. A style-changer, therefore, is someone or something that can spark new concepts, inspire the desire for—and acceptance of—change, and create the change itself. A style-changing individual often uses their personality traits and attitude to affect what people perceive and how they do things. Certain influencers might be called style-changers if they shift the dynamic of thought and behavior of their followers. For instance, a social media influencer with a particular fashion sense who revolutionizes how people dress might be considered a style-changer.

How Do Style-Changers Make Things Happen? Generally, style-changers make things happen by looking for and seeing things that others don't. They strive to be innovative in small or large ways. Importantly, they understand that they'll make the progress they seek by being persistent, committed, courageous, energetic, visionary, and hard-working. What's more, if they find that they don't have the knowledge or experience to reach their goals, they get it...


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