Spilák Gergely

Gery is an innovatory businessman, creative and inspiring personality, writer and blogger, who has always loved fashion and his own style, therefore created his own brand, the name of which also refers to his own name. Gery's idea with the brand is to convey to people a sense of life that is as fun and inspiring as what characterizes him. His life story started nearly forty years ago in Szombathely. After the matriculation examination he graduated from Dániel Berzsenyi Teacher Training College with a diploma of IT and technics teacher. He did not want to work in this profession, so started his carrier with an Austrian financial company. At the age of 23 he found himself in deep water: “I made lectures, dealt with sales, attended courses of professional and personality development and then directed a team.” After three years of working as a mid-level manager, he headed for Vienna. He started to write down his thoughts in a book on the basis of the gained experience, so in 2011 he came out with the first book published by him: Success Grammatics… At present he lives in Budapest and is an important bridge between the Austrian and Hungarian market. Besides, soon he will appear with a new fashion brand, the SPILGERY, creating a few iconic pieces.

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